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Robin Williams

Robin Williams is gone from the world. Everyone is shocked..and I know hurt. I don’t know the details. Truthfully I don’t want to. It doesn’t lessen the pain. It also isn’t the point of this. I felt compelled to write this post because I wanted to say what this wonderful person meant to me, a little fan. I remember feeling like I could relate to him and his wackiness when I was a teenager. (I’m his kind of wacky in very close company.) One day I saw an interview with him. The interviewer asked how his sense of humor developed. He said from being an only child and left to his own devices for amusement. I immediately  went “Me too!!!” It was this immediate, wonderful knowing that there is someone else like that. It was so great to feel a little less alone. It felt like being a member of a secret club. Years later my mothers health took some dark turns. She has had several procedures involving her heart. When I heard “Weapons of Self Destruction” once again Robin filled a personal void. By talking about his own heart surgery with humor he gave us a great coping device. My mother and I listened and laughed until we cried. We needed that laughter. I’m a little fan in New Jersey. That’s all. Things like this hit fans hard because we’re shaped by the people we love. Even people we don’t personally know. I’m old enough that I watched Robin as Mork when I was little. So over time watching someone it sort of feels like an old family friend, in an odd way. When you lose someone who influenced you the loss is huge. No matter who you are, or what your connection. Robin Williams was light and joy, laughter, wonder… I feel we’re all a little better having known his humor than had we not. With a deep breath, a sigh, and many tears I will try to dwell on the joy. It will take time though. All in time. Now I’m going to get really personal and really honest. I’m going to be open because it needs to be done. I have been battling depression on and off since I was eleven. Anxiety too. I don’t take medication. I learned a long time ago to reach out. I still do. I still have bad days but I ask for help. Also I make myself available if someone else looks like they need help. All I’m saying is keep an eye on people. Reach out. If you feel depressed talk until you find someone that will listen. Talk to me even. We should all open ourselves up more to listening. Reach out and listen to someone who needs it.

Rescanned Artwork is up!

Helloo SZI-natics!

I’m am elated to finally be able to say the rescanned artwork is up. I took a little more time scanning each piece to make sure it looked as close as possible to it’s appearance in real life. Please take a look and feel free to leave a comment. 🙂